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This week we are thrilled to have Emma of @house.48 as our newest PropTour! Emma and her husband Mark took on the challenge of renovating the 1930s downstairs layout to provide a more modern and open-plan feel. Now this more contemporary design coupled with the wonderful eclectic interior decor, brings life to this almost 100 year old home. Be sure to click on the take a tour video or buttons for a walkthrough of the downstairs area of this beautiful home. 🙌

Name: Emma @house.48
Location: Leigh on Sea, Essex
Home Type: 4 bed 1930s semi
How long have you lived here? 4 Years

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Tell us about your home and the people who live there 🏡

I live here with my husband Mark, just us two. When we first started looking for houses we both dismissed the house originally, for different reasons. I didn't like the look of the downstairs layout and we thought it may be too far to walk to the station. It wasn't until we saw smaller houses for the same price that we thought we should probably give it a chance. I only saw the house once before we put an offer in as once we saw it we thought it was too good to miss. The house already had a loft extension- which was a huge selling point - it meant that we wouldn't need to spend any money on adding an extra equal-sized bedroom in the future and we could instead concentrate on revamping the downstairs - making it more suitable for open plan living. Having the loft space has been invaluable for when we have guests as they can have their own private space with ensuite. We have just completed the downstairs renovations - opening up the standard 1930s galley kitchen and dining room and adding on an extension to give us one big space that we can entertain in.

Photo Credit: @fwalkerarnottphotography

In 3 words how would you describe the style of your home?

Traditional yet modern (or the other way around) 👌

Instagram Credit: @house.48
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What room is your favourite and why? 🎶

This changes daily. I love the downstairs loo - mainly because of the wallpaper and the fact the main underfloor heating system is by which means it's super toasty in there. That said, if I had a gun to my head I'd have to say the kitchen diner - we planned it so meticulously and it's turned out exactly how we hoped - if not better - and the tiled floor is my absolute favourite thing in the house (close second is my House of Hackney Cheetah lamp). Having the open-plan space changes how you live day to day life, we don't have a tv in there so it means less time in front of the TV and more time listening to music - it also means the living room is now more of a grown-up room - which makes it that bit more special.

Instagram Credit: @house.48
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Do you have any tips or advice for creating a home you love? 🙌 💙

Buy what makes you happy, forget about trends or what you think you 'should have' in a room - we toyed with having wallpaper in the kitchen area, people thought that was odd but if it makes you happy go for it. I think prints really make a room too - we have a big print in the bathroom - again people thought that was a bit strange - and I'm so glad we put it there as we see it every day and it makes me smile. Also don't compromise - if you can't decide on what you want - wait. We rushed into a few paint choices when we moved in and if we'd have just waited we would probably have been braver with our choices- and my husband wouldn't be painting the hallway for the second time.

Instagram Credit: @house.48

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