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The world is now an online world and the real estate industry has had to move with it, as not surprisingly over 95% of people begin their search for a home online. Technology has also allowed people to tour homes before physically going to the property. However, with online buyer behaviour booming and technology evolving, when it comes to virtual tours there still has only really been a couple of options available to real estate agents. The main choices are to create a 3D/ 360 tour or hire a videographer to film a property tour.

Whilst these can be great options, they are however, expensive and time consuming. PropTours - a brand new software designed to allow agents to create interactive virtual tours in less than 5 minutes with just a smartphone was created to plug the gap between these two options. This post will explore whether using Matterport or Proptours would be the best option for any agent looking to take advantage of virtual property tours to boost their listings.

First let's start by mentioning some of the benefits of virtual tour:

Saves time and a lot of hassle

Virtual tours are essentially a first viewing of a property, they are not a replacement of in-person viewings. However allowing the potential buyer or tenant to view the property online first means that the leads you do get at an in-person viewing are more qualified, they have seen the property already and are very interested.

SEO benefits for your listing

Compared to property listings with just images, those will a virtual tour receive over 45 % more clicks. 🚀  

However not all agents have virtual tours in fact only around 9% make use of this technology but the ones that do really stand out and therefore drive more interest.

More convenient & less disruption for sellers

As less but more qualified people will be viewing the home in person, sellers will have less disruption to their normal routines. The option to have a virtual tour will be an important factor for sellers to consider when choosing an agent as increased interest also increases the likelihood of a quicker sale. 🧐

Attract a wider audience

By allowing potential buyers to view a property online, you open up your listing to not just the local area but to the whole world! 🌎

International buyers or out of state buyers can view the property at any time of the day and are often a lot more keen to make quicker decisions.

Let's Talk about Matterport

Credit: TechCrunch

Matterport is leading the charge when it comes to 3D tours and although there are other services that offer 3D or 360 tours, chances are they are using Matterport technology in some capacity and that is because they have very high quality software and equipment.

3D tours have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years and are a great way to allow a viewer to navigate their way through a property, with a 360 view of each room it provides a very detailed and immersive experience.

Matterport is certainly a high-end platform for making virtual tours but this cost has often meant that agents have to pick and choose when to use Matterport as their virtual tour option and is therefore a lot of the time reserved for more higher end or pricier listings.

The service requires 360 camera equipment and accessories as well as a monthly subscription cost to host the tours. The equipment alone can set you back as much as $5000.

Another drawback to using Matterport as your go-to method of creating virtual tours is copyright and data ownership which have been grey areas and points of contention with the service. As Matterport host the tours they essentially control access to these files meaning you do not actually have ownership of the tours you create. 🤯

3D virtual tours are a fantastic way to let potential buyers explore a property in depth and can really help them rule out or get excited to view a property.

PropTours has created the new standard in virtual tours

But 3D is not the only option for property virtual tours.

At PropTours we believe that video shouldn't be complicated, in fact the most easy to create and engaging type of video is the format used on social media platforms such as Instagram. Instagram stories are multiple short video clips around 15 seconds long that you can tap through, interact with and are optimised for viewing on mobile phones.

We have taken this engaging format and brought it to the web and to the real estate industry so that you, the agent can start to bring these properties to life and essentially have a a virtual tour for every single listing.

Why should you use PropTours as your go-to virtual tour? / Why is PropTours different?

PropTours main goal is to redefine what a property virtual tour is - creating a property walkthrough video in less than 5 minutes with no extra equipment now means that virtual property tours are not just reserved for higher end listings.

No Equipment, No Editing Software Needed

One thing that we discovered working with real estate agents all over the world is that as soon as 'Virtual Tour' is mentioned it instantly conjures up images of expensive high tech 360 cameras, tripods, gimbals and other accessories as well as potential hours of editing 😱

And that should not be the case - to create an engaging Proptour in less than 5 minutes all you need is your smartphone, saving you time, money and inconvenience.

Personal Connection is Key 🔑

Now 3D tours are great and certainly have their place as a way to allow someone to see the property exactly as it is, however there is a lack of guidance and you have to rely on the person to navigate their way through this software which can sometimes be a frustrating experience and not too user friendly.

One thing that we know to be true is that the best person to showcase their listings is you! So we really encourage agents to introduce the property and guide the viewer through the home as if they were there with you in person. Every home has a story and by highlighting the positive features that someone looking at a 3D tour might miss, you can get the viewer excited as well as build trust with them.

Capture Leads without having to leave the tour

One thing, and a super important element that PropTours has added that Matterport or even highly produced videos by videographers cannot, is the ability to capture lead information or book an in person viewing directly from the video.

This is key as we are living in a time when people value convenience - if they are interested in a property and ready to make a move they can do this right away without the back and forth of phone calls.

A key part of your social media marketing

With other virtual tour options including Matterport or videographers, there is sometimes uncertainty of ownership of this content but with PropTours it simple - you have the rights to your own property tours and we have made it easy for this to be shared virtually anywhere from listing sites, to email, text and social media.

As a PropTour is mobile-first and has multiple short clips this means that this content is perfect for sharing across social media to entice your audience to view the full tour!

You can also retarget anyone who has watched a PropTour with the Facebook pixel to keep your agency and listings top of mind.

We are not just customer centric but customer obsessed! We love hearing feedback and implementing the best features for you as a real estate agent to help you get better results.

Whether you decide to use Proptours as a Matterport alternative or even both simultaneously, one thing that is true is that virtual tours are very powerful tool for increasing your marketing reach and are fast becoming a must have option for online listings. Online engagement could be the difference between you and your competitors and a virtual tour is the best way to showcase your properties.

Get started with creating interactive and engaging tours today - PropTours currently have an exclusive introductory offer to help get agents showing properties in the safest way possible - virtually!