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Our latest PropTour is brought to you by Sara @portslade_doer_upper who has been sharing her 1920s home renovation on Instagram. Sara has very kindly given us a tour around her home from her cosy, dark green living room to the light bright kitchen/diner...oh and not to mention, a larder cupboard of dreams!  💕 Be sure to click on the take a tour video or buttons (sound on) for a walkthrough of Sara's lovely home. 🙌

Name: Sara @portslade_doer_upper
Location: Portslade
Home Type: 1920s 3 bed semi
How long have you lived here? 3 Years

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Tell us about your home and the people who live there 🏡
It's a 3 bedroom (2 double and a tiny box room) semi detached house. Built in 1929, the previous family owned the house since it was built so it had never actually been sold before! We bought it just over 3 years ago.
It is in the old village of Portslade so has a very quaint village feel even though we're a suburb of Brighton.
We're so lucky with our position, we're right on the edge of the village green and opposite a lovely Park. As we're the last house in the row we actually have only one neighbour - nobody opposite or behind us.  

Instagram Credit: @portslade_doer_upper

I live here with my wife Lucy, our 5 year old son, William, and a very naughty wire-haired vizsla puppy called Chewy. I work as a mental health nurse for a local NHS trust, Lucy works from home for a large financial corporation - I have no clue what she does! - and William is in year 1 of a small primary school in the village.

Instagram credit: @portslade_doer_upper

In 3 words how would you describe the style of your home?
Traditional, influenced, changeable

Instagram credit: @portslade_doer_upper
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What room is your favourite and why?
Up until recently I would have said the kitchen/diner... But now I've almost finished the living room my mind is changing. I worked so hard on the living room, the painting almost killed me - getting it finished in time for Christmas - and I worried so much about how my ideas would look in Real life. But I am so pleased with the way it's turned out. I was going for a really grown up look, with its moody walls, fire and grown up furniture. It is a room we will use mostly in The colder months and I wanted it to be almost opposite to the light bright kitchen. Still a few bits to finish but we absolutely love sitting in here with the fire blazing, TV on and a glass of something nice.  

Instagram Credit: @portslade_doer_upper

Do you have any tips or advice for creating a home you love?
I suppose I would say that being patient and not rushing into big changes - we were forced to wait by lack of money, at the time it was so annoying and painful but now I can see it was helpful. As a result of just having to live with what we had, we really got a feel for the house and what it was like to live there. Things we thought we really wanted to do when we moved in were scrapped and as a result we now have a home we're so much happier with and have made fewer mistakes in.
Look constantly at others and what they're doing, get ideas and be bold, go with your gut. Nobody else has to like it, just you and your family.
Good trades are hard to find, ask around and if you find them make them cakes!

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Instagram credit: @portslade_doer_upper

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