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We have an extra special home tour this week from Kate @thehousenhollydale. Kate very kindly takes us on a full and detailed tour of her wonderfully renovated Victorian terrace home in London, sharing the renovation story and decor choices & tips - and not only do we have one tour, but her walkthrough was so great we made two tour videos 🤗  This PropTour is a must watch for anyone for anyone planning or attempting a renovation, so sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea, ☕️  and explore the colourful joy that is the house on Hollydale. 🙌

Name: Kate @thehouseonhollydale
Location: London
Home Type: Victorian terraced house
Home Size: 1500 sq ft
How long have you lived here? 3 Years

Tell us about your home and the people who live there:

I’m Kate, I’m a true Northener, from Cheshire but I’ve lived in London for the last 11 years but I still have my northern accent! I’m married to Mr S and have a 9 month old son.
We bought the house in June 2017 and started our real renovation work in Feb 2018. We essentially re-built a lot of the house. We tore down the hallway, kitchen, downstairs loo, dining room and pantry and rebuilt the downstairs into an open plan kitchen, living room and loo.
We also tore out the upstairs bathroom, the spare room fireplace and the third bedroom and made a larger bathroom and bedrooms.

Instagram Credit: @thehousenhollydale
Instagram Credit: @thehousenhollydale

In 3 words how would you describe the style of your home?

Bold, eclectic, colourful

Instagram Credit: @thehousenhollydale

What room is your favourite and why?

Definitely the kitchen. It’s totally transformed from what it was. We spend most of our time there, it’s where we cook, eat, entertain and relax. It’s also where Raf plays and learns and it’s such a flexible and functional space but I also think it looks fab!

Instagram Credit: @thehousenhollydale
Instagram Credit: @thehousenhollydale

Do you have any tips or advice for creating a home you love?

Go slowly, it’s tempting to want to do it all at once if you’re impatient (like I am) however it’s good to live in a space first and see how you want to use it.
Think about your decor, I loved some of our wallpaper but I do regret a couple, if you’re in a space think about you want it to feel. If you want it to be cosy then perhaps darker colours work, relaxing; you probably don’t want a lot of busy patterns. I wish I thought of that a bit more.

Don’t compare yourself to others and their home, focus on yours because especially if you’re using Instagram, not everyone shows all of the flaws and everyone has different stuff so you do you and love what you have.
Instagram Credit: @thehousenhollydale
Instagram Credit: @thehousenhollydale

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